Seller Testimonials

Seller Testimonials

While at the bank I was advised, if you want a good real estate agent, call Alexandra Zega at Keller Williams in Topsfield. There will be no game playing and she is pretty accurate with the listing price.

What I wasn’t told, is how easy Alexandra is to work with, how helpful she is, how she takes care of all the details and that she is always three steps ahead in the sales process.

That day at the bank was my lucky day. I didn’t know it then but I sure do now.

Thank you, Alexandra. You made a trying time so much easier.


-       Ellie Dawkins - Boxford


Alexandra has kept in touch with me over the past 3 years and has always been willing to investigate properties with me, no matter how much time lapsed in between contacts. She was always creative and resourceful when I needed assistance dealing with a variety of issues as I prepared to put my house on the market. Her knowledge of the process helped maintain my confidence that I could get through this in a sane manner. She was always professional, attentive to details, organized resourceful and within reach. I would highly recommend her as an agent for others going through this tedious and emotionally draining process. She is ever, the hardworking professional who knows her field. I am grateful to her for all of her support and guidance."

Carol Strout


My wife and I recently sold our house in Haverhill, our agent was Alexandra Zega.  I cannot say enough good things about the whole experience.  Right from the beginning she was up front and honest about the price our house would garner on the market even when she thought we were overpricing the house she still listed the property and worked diligently showing the house.  After two weeks she came back to give us a reality check and we lowered the price, once again she had numerous showings and the we had two offers on the property.  With her guidance we chose the offer we felt good about.

     Next we began to look for our new home and once again she was honest with us knowing what we could afford and what price the various properties would sell for in the end.  As a matter of fact she predicted the price of the home we would eventually purchase.  All during the process she answer all questions, guided us through the process, made sure we stuck to the timelines because of dual closings and came with us to both of the closings.  She put our mind at ease and knew all the answers to the questions we would have and need answered.  She made the process smooth and helped in all ways.

    I was very impressed with her knowledge of the housing market of the area, knowing what a good deal would be and making sure we stayed away from any “Money Pits” that might come up.  I had in the past used other agency and agents and found them to be less than adequate.  I would recommend to anyone that they inquire with Keller Williams and request Alexandra Zega as the agent.  If the need comes up again for me or any of my family I know I will not use any other agent.  Thank you so muck Alexandra for taking care of us and treating us like family.


Yours Truly

Steve ands Lori Iannalfo

After interviewing several real estate agents, we selected Alexandra Zega as she presented the most balanced view of our property. Additionally, we knew she had immediate and relevant knowledge of our neighborhood and the homes in it. Although it took a while to find the buyer for our house, Alexandra persisted in attracting potential buyers. She led us through the intricacies involved in all transactions and went above and beyond in providing personal attention to our specific needs. I would certainly recommend Alexandra to others who are looking for a real estate agent.

​- Linda and Gene Hummer - Georgetown

I recently sold a home with Alexandra and have to say I would highly recommend her. Her knowledge and efforts where spot on . The sale had some hurdles due to a difficult divorce situation that she handled very professional and with poise. The right choice !

​ -Jim Ferrera - Georgetown

Alexandra is a consummate pro! She goes beyond by helping sellers think of all the to-dos and handles many of the requirements on behalf of her customers. Thanks for selling our home in less than a month! 

-Guy and  Sylvia Clement - Haverhill, MA

Alexandra is outstanding at what she does. She maintains the highest level of professionalism at all times, while exhibiting a true caring and thoughtful nature. Her years of experience help to make the stressful process of buying or selling real property easier and less painful. It's comforting knowing an experienced Captain guides the ship. I've worked with Alexandra twice now in both a selling and purchasing capacity. I wholeheartedly recommend Alexandra for any real property related matters.

​- Patrick Lynch - Chelmsford

Alexandra worked with us in connection with the sale of our home. It was a 300+ year old colonial on a large property with significant gardens and therefore it presented some unique challenges in advertising and marketing. Alexandra rose to all of the challenges and maintained her diligent efforts throughout the entire process. She did an outstanding job listening to all of our concerns and maintained a professional and upbeat attitude at all times. We found her to be very knowledgeable and skilled in the entire process. She was exceptionally responsive in returning phone calls, in answering all of our questions and in providing feedback from prospective buyers at all times after showings. We recommend her with highest marks.

- T. Cook - Newbury

We met Alexandra last spring and found her to be very enthusiastic, professional and realistic in her approach to selling our home. Within two weeks of giving her our listing we had accepted an offer. Sue and I both enjoyed working with Alexandra and highly recommend her services.

- Toby and Susan Harper -Topsfield

Dear Alexandra,

When Steve and I met you to discuss selling our home, we sensed you had the drive and determination so we decided to list with you. From the very beginning you were extremely pro-active in marketing our home. Actually I think the ink wasn’t even dry on the agreement yet and you had already had the first showing scheduled. I don’t think I ever seen a Realtor work as hard as you and I even worked in real estate previously. All of your work paid off because our house was under agreement within 37 days. It is amazing since the average days on market are way above that. Thank you for your wonderful communication and care for our house, especially when we relocated out of state. We can’t thank you enough for always being on top of everything even with the burdensome relocation paperwork. Steve and I would happily share our great experience with any future clients and you can use us a referral. All our best,

  - Steve and Cheryl Johnson - Rowley

Alexandra just wanted to thank you for all your help, selling our townhouse last November in the worst sellers market in a long time. you never gave up putting that sale together and then bringing it home. I never thought you would pull it off. Then to top it off ,you found us another place, exactly what we were looking for. You are not only the best real estate agent, now you are a good friend. Thanks for everything. Your friends Bob and Marie.

- Bob and Marie Terriciano - Merrimac

Alexandra Zega proved her success in selling our home during a challenging real estate market, with such professionalism, diligence and confidence, that when it came time for us to sell another property, we knew she was the agent we wanted to represent us as well.

It has been a pleasure dealing with Alexandra.  She is honest, intelligent, thorough, tenacious; she takes the time and puts forth the effort to understand the dynamics of each property and the market at any given time.  She follows up and has a work ethic second to none.  Alexandra listens to her clients and prospects, communicates effectively, knows how to get the job done, and does it well.  I highly recommend Alexandra Zega to anyone who is serious about either selling or buying a home.  We were certainly pleased to have her on our side!

- Cathy Miller - Rolwey


When we first interviewed realtors, we did not choose Alexandra.  We quickly realized our mistake.  Don't make the same mistake we did - choose Alexandra first!  Her knowledge, support, commitment and professionalism are unmatched and she is a pleasure to work with.

- Kevin and Tiffany Elwood - Boxford


I can't speak highly enough of Alexandra's skills as a realtor.  Her attention to detail is truly outstanding, from staging the house to look it's best to organizing a professional photographer to take first class photographs to advertising she really misses nothing. Alexandra managed to find us a buyer for our house within 8 weeks of listing and this in a buyers market when some houses can remain on the market for many months. In that short space of time we had three open houses and over 50 viewings. Selling a house can be a stressful experience but you can rest assured that Alexandra will guide you through the process and will look out for your best interests and will have one goal firmly in her mind - to find you a buyer at the price you want as quickly as she can. I would highly recommend Alexandra and wouldn't hesitate using her again in the future.

- Gerard and Jamie Gartside - Georgetown


My friend hired Alexandra Zega to sell his home a couple years ago. There were some very challenging situations in the sale which Alexandra handled with humor and professionalism. When it was time to sell my home last year there was no question that Alexandra would be the best choice. It was difficult to leave my home of 22 years and there were times when I dragged my feet. But she was always there, encouraging, soothing, and gently prodding when I wanted to give up. I still hear her saying “Don’t you worry”. These were not empty words as she understood on a deep level what I was going through and truly believed it would all be ok...and it was.

Almost a year later I had to put my mom’s home up for sale. Once again I called Alexandra and she came to our rescue, offering advice and guiding us through a difficult transition. This time it was my mother, leaving her home of 40 years, who needed to be soothed, and Alexandra did this with compassion and patience.

I would encourage anyone selling their home to call Keller Williams and ask for Alexandra Zega. Most of us are not selling “houses” we are selling “homes”. Often there are memories and strong emotional ties associated with our home. It is important to have a compassionate and professional agent who not only knows how to get a home on the market and get it sold, but also has the capacity to gently walk those of us who are a bit ambivalent, through the difficult process.

All 3 homes were sold in less than 6 months, and in this market that speaks volumes about Alexandra Zega’s ability to advertise and present a home in such a way that it captures the attention of the right buyer.

- Donna Bonin - Groveland


Dear Sellers,

In an overheated, highly inflated, seller’s market that we all recently experienced, one might attempt to sell one’s house and have some success. It would depend on the location. I had a highly visible property on a heavily traveled road for sale by owner during this most recent seller’s market. I was able to sell it, but not before showing it to 40 parties—many of whom had no interest (simply shopping and comparing), were unqualified, or merely dreaming. Forty groups of strangers examining my home and wasting hours upon hours of my time made me question my decision to sell by owner.

In 2009, I again attempted to sell two properties by owner because the profit margins were slim. In the following eight months nearly every prospective buyer came with a realtor—so do not delude yourself into thinking that you will be saving a realtor fee. After eight months of wasted hours, advertising costs on television, print, and internet, and eight months of carrying costs, a ray of sunshine parted the real estate gloom with the appearance of Alexandra.

Alexandra brought knowledge, experience, a sense of humor, and ebullient personality to the equation—precisely what was needed. She was aggressive in marketing strategy, prompt in returning phone calls, worked to get answers to all questions, and was always professional in appearance and demeanor. Alexandra sold my two properties within a month of hiring her. Having seen many realtors through the years as a buyer of properties, I can affirm that she is a gem in her vocation. In the future, there is no question as to whom I will call to represent me, whether buying or selling. If you want to save time, effort, and money, and, if you are searching for an outstanding realtor to represent you, hire Alexandra Zega. Do it now—the sooner she starts working for you, the quicker you will see the results.

- Jan and Peter Hodge - Amesbury


Dear Alexandra,

 You are definitely an "A Plus" player among Realtors in that you achieved what others might have considered impossible in a "slow" market - you sold my home for 98% of original asking price within 30 days of its small accomplishment. From the very beginning - when I heard two of your prior clients, in two entirely separate venues, deliver unsolicited, enthusiastic accolades, I knew I had to meet you. Your sincerity, responsiveness, and acuity were immediately apparent in our first meeting and I knew that partnering with you would put me at an advantage in an otherwise challenging market. I did my part and you did yours...You brought together a small team of highly qualified specialists (photographer, stager and contractor) that would ensure the best possible marketing of my lovely home - then you worked tirelessly, graciously and with just the right amount of humor to help me relax so we could get it all done in time. This is not the first time I've sold a home, however, it is the first time I've received so much understanding and expertise from my realtor...your savvy and all around know-how surely puts you "above the rest". I can't thank you enough for taking care of all the little details that helped keep the process manageable for me. From the day we signed the contract, you assured me that everything was under control - and it was, and that it would all work out - and it did. I can't thank you enough.


- Trudi O'Brien - Newburyport


I chose Alexandra Zega for her dedicated marketing skills to sell my home.  Alexandra’s commitment and personal attention to every detail from staging to closing helped sell my home quickly and efficiently.  Her dedication to the security of my pets at showings gave me peace of mind.  I would highly recommend Alexandra Zega to anyone buying or selling real estate.

- Gina Amaral - Georgetown


The selling of your home after many years and purchasing a new home in a very different community will most likely be one of the more challenging time in your life. Apart from the stressful , financial decisions you must face, there is also the very personal and emotional attachments' that come with this territory.
My wife and I first met Alexandra Zega in April of 2009. After our first meeting we were convinced that the dream of owning your perfect home can be realized.
Alexandra is a person of high energy and creativity with a thorough knowledge of the real estate market and climate. She is a person of dedicated integrity, who worked diligently on our behalf, which made us feel protected.
Alexandra has great knowledge of the inner workings of the support systems, always kept us informed and educated, which in turn allowed us to feel comfortable and confident. My wife and I felt that Alexandra is a warm and generous person as she often offered her personal time to assist in the logistics of the actual physical move.
Alexandra always made us feel that we were her most important clients and because of her great work she has turned what could be a very stressful event into a very positive and memorable experience.
- John and Dianne Tavano - Newburyport


"The Greatest (Real Estate) Story Ever Told (X2!)

I say "Times 2" because in one of the most difficult Real Estate Markets in history, Alexandra Zega sold our house not once, but, two times. That's right...twice!!

We placed our adorable little home up For Sale last September due in large part to my wife being transferred to another office location. Alexandra had generated a great deal of enthusiasm and interest from many prospective buyers. Within 6 weeks we had a couple of offers and we accepted an "offer" from a young couple. Shortly thereafter a Purchase and Sale Agreement was signed and we were agreeable to a December 22, 2008 close.

Unfortunately, unbeknown to the couple, their agent, Alexandra and us --- we were dealing with an unscrupulous, deceitful and downright dishonest Lender that this young couple had contracted.

To make a long story short, there were a couple of extensions made and ultimately the "financing" and thus the deal, fell through. In obvious panic because we were already paying for 2 residences (we had moved originally thinking that we were to close 12/22) and the dream house we had an accepted bid on was in danger of going into foreclosure, we had less than 2 weeks to find a buyer or face going back to the house we thought we had sold and either give-up or re-group.

Ahhh, but Alexandra was not daunted, as was her resonant theme throughout this ordeal-"not to worry", she said. You have to understand my wife and I were on the verge of devastation and with very heavy hearts. However, with the due diligence and the CONSUMMATE PROFESSIONALISM of Alexandra Zega, she not only found a new buyer, she was able to hammer out a deal and get it done in under 2 weeks and we closed on our Dream-Home-an Antique Farmhouse-in the bucolic Village of Merrimacport --- 1 day before the "Short-Sale" went into foreclosure!!

That all said, if you (or anyone you know) are looking for a Professional Real Estate Agent that is passionate about her work, passionate about life and people, contact someone we believe in as both a Professional, and perhaps more importantly, as a new-found friend... Alexandra Zega!

Feel free to contact me for References.

Alexandra, Thank You for going above and well beyond the "call of duty" and helping us find our way home!



- Kevin Griffin - Merrimacport




I highly recommend Alexandra Zega as your next Real Estate agent! In one of the worst real estate markets in history, she was not only able to sell our house but negotiated the price we had hoped for! Whether it was questions we needed answered, services we needed coordinated, or flexibility in hosting showings, Alexandra was there to meet all our needs. Alexandra’s keen sense of the market as well as her commitment to superior service makes her stand out among the best in the business! I can’t imaging having any better an experience than we did!
- Trisha Walsh - Georgetown


Alexandra Zega helped us sell our home and purchase another one. The sale was extremely difficult due to the declining real estate market. However, Alexandra proved to us, and I’m sure will prove to many others who are in our position, that through her expertise, knowledge of the real estate market and most of all, determination, that she would secure a buyer and put our home under agreement within a short period of time. Our home went under Purchase and Sale within 15 days of being listed.
It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Alexandra on both transactions and to now be able to call her a “friend.” Alexandra is a true professional in every sense of the word and we are extremely grateful for what she has accomplished for us in today’s real estate market.
With sincere thanks,
- Mindy and Brian Horrigan - Peabody


Thank you, thank you, thank you. Again you did a wonderful job.

Thanks again for a job well done.
- Anita Gates - Georgetown


After living in the same home for 28 years, this nice Realtor, who’s also our daughter in law, found a way to make the move for us painless and efficient, whether it was by helping us arrange for movers, storage or canceling utilities, Alexandra went above and beyond in providing us with the best service and experience.

We were impressed with her professional, go-get-them attitude. Her commitment, attention to detail, enthusiasm and honest approach made the process easy and comfortable for us. We would not hesitate to recommend her!
- Anthony and Diane Zega - Londonderry, NH

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