barbeque_consumer_topAccording to the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association (HPBA) more than two-thirds of Americans will fire up their grill, smoker or fryer for the Independence Day holiday this year, the most popular outdoor cooking holiday. Blue Rhino, a leading brand of propane tank exchange, offers some cookout safety & preparation tips for your propane grill, making sure you are ready for your backyard celebration.

Gas Grill Cookout Preparation & Safety Tips:

Make Sure Your Tank is Ready:

- A damaged tank - consumers should not try to repair damaged tanks.
- Obsolete tanks - tanks with round- or star-shaped handwheels do not contain Overfill Prevention Devices (OPD) and can no longer be filled.
- Empty tanks - You can get a fresh, ready to grill tank that includes an OPD.

Transport Your Tank Safely - After you buy your tank, secure it upright in a well-ventilated area of your vehicle. Take it directly to the point of use.

Check for Leaks - When attaching your tank to the grill, use soapy water to check the tank and valve for leaks. Open the valve but leave the appliance off while testing. Don’t use a match or open flame to check for leaks. Blue Rhino includes safety and leak checking information on the side of your tank to help.

Lighting Your Grill - Before lighting, always refer to the grill manufacturer’s safety and operating instructions.

Tank Storage - When you store a tank, be sure to keep it in an upright, vertical position. Never store tanks in a garage, building, or enclosed area. Never store an extra tank under your grill.

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