Image courtesy of Creative Commons

Image courtesy of Creative Commons

For this year’s 4th of July you may want to add in another colour to your red, white and blue festivities. You may be wondering, what is this colour? It’s green! Start thinking about how you can make this year’s 4th of July celebrations greener. Be conscious of the environment and the impact your activities are having. Here are some suggestions on how you can celebrate the festivities in a greener manner:

Smoke from all the barbecues emits a ton of pollution into the air and burns up resources. This year when you have a barbecue, consider using a natural gas barbecue. These barbecues are more energy efficient. In addition, buy some organic or natural charcoal lumps.

Plates & Cutlery
Disposable plastic plates and cutlery are terrible for the environment and most of the time end up being left on the grounds of beaches and parks. This year, opt for bamboo plates or recycled plastic cutlery, plates and cups. Another alternative is to reuse some of the plates, cups, and cutlery you have at home!

Avoid having your own fireworks show at home as it is very damaging to the air. If you want to watch some fireworks, go watch a show nearby. It is also helpful to talk to the city hosting the fireworks about eco-friendly firework methods.

When shopping for groceries, look out for local organic food. These products are chemical free and because they are produced locally, that means less resources were used in transporting them. Try to incorporate a bunch of veggie based items that are more eco-friendly.

Fresh Air
Take your festivities outdoors! Get your family and friends together and celebrate during the day in the beautiful weather or at night when it’s cooler. You’ll all have a chance to enjoy nature and not have to worry about the energy costs associated with indoor facilities!

Every year, tons of decorations are used on this holiday. Instead of throwing them out after the holiday, save them! You can reuse them for next year (save money and trash).

(c) Lauren Sigler, Four Green